Design Philosophy

Architecture is an art form that serves an important function – to provide a roof over our heads. In today’s world, we spend more time than ever in our homes. More than just a shelter, our homes are a place to work, play, entertain, and relax. They are spaces in which we seek to disconnect from our busy lives, and connect with loved ones, ourselves, or nature. We want aesthetically pleasing spaces that work hard – balancing form and function.

The practice of sustainable architecture and design produces comfortable spaces that embrace traditional construction methods, use less processed materials, and at the same time, keep an eye toward the future. By employing modern technologies and applying contemporary logic to architectural cultures of the past, we can find new ways to meet the needs and desires of contemporary living while embracing the inherent sustainability of time-worn practices.

My background informs an interest in bringing together diverse elements – mixing periods, styles, textures, colors, and patterns. A sincere appreciation for the ‘process of making’ leads our designs toward the layering of elements to provide tactile moments that engage our senses and foster interaction between person and place.

We enjoy designing spaces that are fresh and contemporary, interesting and layered, curated and timeless. A home provides a window into the unique experiences of the owner – what is important and what inspires. It should  “feel” like home.

Whether you are looking to renovate a building or a room –redesign a space or fill it – or find that perfect piece of art… we look forward to partnering with you on your project!

Sara Jane Klingaman, Founder

I have loved art, architecture, and design for as long as I can remember – it’s in my blood.  My great-grandfather founded a firm that helped shape the Los Angeles skyline. My family has been designing, building, and innovating for 4 generations and includes a plethora of creative professionals: painters; choreographers; dancers; writers; interior designers; furniture makers; and an opera singer to boot.

At university, I studied Art & Architectural History. In addition to my primary degree, I completed studio courses in ceramics and glass sculpture – and won a few awards for my work. This background is the basis of the lens through which I view design.

After university, I started a Masters in International Business with the intention combining business acumen and art but, upon finishing my MBA, I found myself in Management Consulting instead. I loved the work – the fast pace, diverse projects, and travel…

Fast forward to having children and I decided to turn in my frequent flyer status and return to my first love: art, architecture, and design.

I have been working in design for more than 20 years with projects in the US and Europe and am currently based in Amsterdam, NL.

The next chapter includes a retail concept as well as  projects outside the Netherlands – we just finished a wonderful home in the Algarve (Southwest Portugal).